Cameo Hills Farm Pacing Yearlings

Pacing Colts

Hip Name Sire Dam
Dial A Date So Surreal Dial Romance
Captain Nash Captaintreacherous Discoverer
Zekefromcabincreek So Surreal Love The Game
Hickfromfrenchlick So Surreal My Girls A Star
Cub Fan So Surreal Pardon
Frankie Bagel So Surreal Parvenu
Purple Pedigree Captaintreacherous Pedigree Snob
Captain Miraculous Captaintreacherous Please Me Please
Captain Cameo Captaintreacherous Rocknroll Cameo
Suitcase Simpson So Surreal Sugarcoated
Wilt The Stilt So Surreal Under Your Spell

Pacing Fillies

Hip Name Sire Dam
Hot Tail Captaintreacherous Glowing Report
The Mad Hatter Captaintreacherous Southwind Siren
Sweet Diamond Sweet Lou Yellow Diamond

Cameo Hills Farm Trotting Yearlings

Trotting Colts

Hip Name Sire Dam
The Butler Did It Credit Winner Bramalea Hanover
Donato Andover Hall D Liteful Hanover
Bordogna Trixton Lima Playmate
The Fat Cobra Credit Winner No Pain No Gain
Bones Jones Credit Winner Precious Lindy
Hack A Shaq Credit Winner Vivica Hall

Trotting Fillies

Hip Name Sire Dam
Fatima Blush Muscle Hill Borrow and Spend
Check Out Trixie Trixton Check Me Out
Cougar Bar Credit Winner Habit's Lady
Shes A Bronxbomber Donato Hanover Housethatruthbuilt
Schecky Credit Winner Royal Assets